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The Green Lego September 20, 2012

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I finally picked up the green lego that has been hugging the edge of the bathroom floor for the past month or so. I’m not entirely sure how long it has been there, but I do know that every time I clean the bathroom, I consider picking it up and reuniting it with the lego bucket. Ultimately the scientist in me convinces me to leave it to prove my scientific conjecture that NOBODY ELSE WILL EVER PICK IT UP.

I had to allow adequate time to test this hypothesis in the real world that my bathroom encounters on a daily basis.

And because I couldn’t end it there, I then decided to further my investigation into my family’s interior work effort or lack there of by placing my ironing board across the entrance of the hallway to their bedrooms.

Actually it was an accidental placement because apparently the force I use to shove the iron across a few pairs of khaki shorts 2 minutes before I leave for the bus stop to pick up my children is great enough to move the actual board across the hall entrance.

Once my children spill out of the car and clamor into the house, I am only slightly surprised to find them crawling under the board and squeezing back by as they spew socks and shoes at random throughout the house.

What did surprise me was seeing Bonnie Raitt on the Tonight Show.

The last time I heard Bonnie sing… was through the speakers of my Mother’s car in the 90’s.

We loved Bonnie Raitt.

People like talkin’ | talkin’ bout people | I hear them whisper | YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT!

She’s still jammin away at 62 years of age. I sure hope I’m still able to jam at 62… maybe by 62 I’ll have sufficient scientific evidence to write a book concerning my statistical analysis of my family’s household work efforts.

Or maybe I’ll just jam.


2 Responses to “The Green Lego”

  1. Jen Says:

    Amen! Great post!

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