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Birthdays Galore September 25, 2012

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Butterfly on Zinna

Within the next week, my mother-in-law, father-in-law, mother, step mother, uncle, brother, husband and grandmother will all be having birthdays. Plus over the weekend, my 9-year-old received an invitation to a 10-year-old’s party, which happens to be 7 hours from now.

So today, I’m off to shop!

At least I didn’t wait until the last minute or anything.

Seriously though, I would have done it last week, but I didn’t know what I wanted to get anybody. I was tied up at 3 football games and an hour of concession duty on Saturday. And then there was the cattle drive which wore me smooth out on Sunday. And I couldn’t have done it yesterday because yesterday was Monday and we all know that NOTHING goes right on a Monday.

Which brings us to Tuesday, which is the PERFECT day to shop.

But first, I’m supposed to go pick up a part from a tractor parts store in Tulsa. I’m really hoping they give me the right part, because as with most things involving Drover, the directions are sparse and sometimes lacking in details a woman needs. I was told simply to pick up the part.

Easy enough.

But more often than not, I go to the parts store. Ask for the part. They give it to me. I get home, and Drover informs me it is the wrong part. I’ve since learned to take pictures of the parts while I’m still at the store and send the picture to Drover to verify that I am buying the right part.

I love modern technology.

Last night, I updated Drover’s iphone with the new iOS6 software. And just to be fair, I simply told him I was updating his phone. I didn’t tell him the details of the update. Nor did I point out the new emoji icons.

He’ll figure it out.

But I do love the new emoji characters and emoticons.

I used one this morning when Drover texted me asking if I was awake yet. I replied “No” and attached the sleeping “zzzz” emoticon. Then I felt guilty, rolled out of bed, shoved myself into my clothes and woke the kids for school.

And now that my son’s sheets are finished with the wash cycle I’m off to start my day! Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Birthdays Galore”

  1. Pany Says:

    Love the picture! I quite enjoy birthday shopping – love the decisions of what to get someone and then the look on their face when they see it (usually it’s good – sometimes it’s bad :S).

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