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What’s in a name? September 26, 2012

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I showed up at the Tulsa Stockyards yesterday afternoon wearing a bright red peasant blouse and a pair of flat front khaki shorts. The blonde haired lady at the counter looked right at me, pointed her finger in recognition and said, “David Long.”

“That’s me,” I replied.

I’ve been known as Mrs. David Long ever since my freshman year of high school. We had a goofy coach named Coach Carter who would stand outside his classroom door and yell at students who were minding their own business in the hall between classes.


Nevermind that we weren’t married. As far as he was concerned, we may as well have been.

“Hey Coach Carter,” I’d reply with a wave and head on down the hall to my freshman class.

My husband (aka Drover) was voted best looking his senior year of high school, the year we met and started dating. I’m not sure he realized when he married me that I would be the face representing his good looks for the rest of his life. But now that we are one in marriage, I take the liberty to use his name whenever I need it.

When I get pulled over… when I need a table at a restaurant… when ordering food. I like to use his name when calling in Mexican food at the local restaurant. They too know me as David Long.

It’s so much easier for people to understand.

No one questions you when you give them the name David. It’s got muscle behind it. Piper, on the other hand starts a whole series of questioning.

“The name?”





“No, PIE-PER, P-I-P-E-R”

“P-I-P-E-R. Oh. …PIper …..where’d you get that name?”

“My Mom named me after an actress, Piper Laurie”

“Huh. Never heard of her. What movie was she in?”

“I dunno.”

I’ve since heard the name Piper on numerous occasions. I always turn to address the party saying my name because I’m still not used to having other Piper’s in the world with me.

But I’m glad they’re here… I just wish they would have come along a lot sooner.

Then Piper would have been more common and I wouldn’t have had to be known as David.


5 Responses to “What’s in a name?”

  1. Katherine Cook Says:

    Thanks again for the LOL!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Jennifer Says:

    My husband and I kicked around the name “Piper” when I was pregnant with our daughter. But decided on Paisley instead… I wonder at times if she’ll be mad at us at some point! 😉

  3. Kendall Johns Says:

    I hear ya on this one! When I hear someone say Kendall, I always turn and look.

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