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The Good, the Bad and the Positive. September 27, 2012

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crape myrtle

I’ve got good news!! I found my domain!

The bad news: Somebody else owns it now and I’m not sure if they are going to give it back!

On a positive note: I will always have my WordPress name, so you can always read my blog at

I’m so glad we got that straightened out! And just think, I might not have figured all this out until tomorrow had the Mullendore cowboy not filled in for me today.

Because it takes a Mullendore cowboy to fill my boots.

Actually, they never really asked me to help out. Something about it only being one loose cow and me needing to be home to get the boys after school or some nonsense. OH! and I’m supposed to buy food because apparently my family is tired of eating beans and leftover spiral cut ham.

But it all worked out anyway because today is my Nana’s birthday AND it’s Thursday which means I have the perfect excuse to eat at Evelyn’s because Thursday is the day Evelyn’s has their fried chicken special. 4 pieces for the price of 2!

Plus I’m sure Drover wouldn’t want me to grocery shop on an empty stomach. Just think of all of they money I’ll be saving him by eating at Evelyn’s first.

I’ll have to be careful not to eat too much though or the whole plan could backfire and I’ll end up being too full to want to buy anything but salad and grapes. Then again, I’m going to have to eat enough to have the strength to push the cart which more often than not is so full that things are spilling out over the sides and into the isles.

This reminds me that I should probably make out a grocery list first.

I’ll need to pick up another raspberry filled Godiva chocolate bar because I just polished off the last of the one I bought while birthday shopping the other day, and after sharing it with Drover, it only left me wanting more.

“Where’d you get the Godiva bar?” Drover asked.

“I bought it to put in one of the birthday sacks, but it got smashed and I had to eat it” I explained, as I offered him half of the half eaten bar.

Now that I think about it… maybe I should buy 2.


Thank you Mullendore cowboy.


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