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A little muscle please October 11, 2012

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Rose of Sharon

I really meant to get a post up this morning, but Drover volunteered my muscles to help him heave a seed spreader into the back of his flatbed truck. The seeder was in an old barn down in the bottom pasture where some of our cows reside, and since we were driving all the way down there, he also decided we needed to feed and check the herd of bovines.

I was riding shotgun listening to Adele on the radio while Drover rattled off a lengthy list of things that needed to be done in the bottom pasture and how the weed spray he put out earlier this spring had done a good job of getting rid of the pesky yellow wildflowers like the ones I had in a vase on my table.

I might’ve tuned out a bit here and there, but ended up being fairly present by saying, “uh-huh” every now and then.

We drove up beside a young weak calf and Drover pointed out the need to bring the horse back down to rope the calf to medicate it.

“Ya, that’s probably a good idea,” I said as though I know what’s best in situations like that.

I looked over at Drover who was looking out the driver’s side window at the calf and felt the engine rev as the truck accelerated into the pasture. The next thing I knew, Drover had bailed out of the moving truck on me.

The driver’s seat was empty, the door was wide open and the truck was veering off toward the herd of Momma cows.

This is where a bench seat would have come in handy.

I leaned over the center console to see Drover wrestling the calf to the ground, the truck still driving itself through the field of cows. I grabbed the wheel while angling myself over the center console into the driver’s seat, trying to steer the truck away from the herd without hitting Drover who by this time had already immobilized the young calf.

The man is invincible.

Remind me to increase his life insurance… Just in case.

When I reached the driver’s seat, I slammed my foot on the break, threw the truck into park, grabbed a rope from the back seat and hopped out to assist.

Turns out the calf had been mauled by either a dog or a coyote and needed further medical treatment for a gaping wound under his right hind leg.

Once again, Drover volunteered my muscles to assist him… this time to heave the calf up onto the bed of the truck so we could give him proper medical care.

Tonight the calf is safe and sound in a pen near the house, with Honey, the Great Pyrenees, keeping watch.


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  1. Never a dull moment in agriculture eh!!!

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