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Gossiping on the Ranch November 8, 2012

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I tell ya. I don’t know if any amount of fencing will keep our animals where they are supposed to be. As soon as I get one animal back in its pen, three more show up.
I called Drover the other night to let him know there were three cows loose in the yard.

“Cows or calves?” he asks. Because if you didn’t know… there is a difference. Cows have already had calves. Calves haven’t.

Complicated, I know.

“Calves. Well, heifers,” I inform him. Heifers are bigger than calves but smaller than cows that have already given birth to calves. “One’s black, one’s black n white and one’s red. In that order.”

“Yeah. Those three heifers run around everywhere together. Go ahead and give em a little grain. We’ll move them sometime in the next week or two,” he says.
This morning, the small clique of girls were grazing in the back pasture. I’m of the impression Black Bessy is the leader of the pack.

We have a lot of Bessy’s on this ranch.

I’m thinking this is the Bessy club. Like the Betty Club. Only Bessy.

Although this is probably the younger Bessy Club, obviously branched from the original, older Bessy Club.
I wish I had a name like Bessy.

Or Betty.

Gladis is a good name.

You can trust a lady with a name like Gladis.

When I get old, I’m changing my name to Gladis.

Anyhow. The girls were so busy this morning, they didn’t even notice my presence until I was rather close. Two of the girls were off to themselves a bit. Gossiping I’m sure.
“I can’t believe how fat Black Bessy has gotten. I am so jealous.”

“I know. I’ve been eating all the same grasses she has and I still don’t have curves like that.”

“I bet she’s been sneaking out at night and getting extra grain.”

“She’s probably been sneaking over to the ranch house for weeks now and is only just now telling us about the grain they give out.”



6 Responses to “Gossiping on the Ranch”

  1. Dianna Says:

    Females can be so “catty” — even bovine ones! Great pictures and captions!

  2. Love that first picture especially!

  3. My grandmother was named Mabel. I bet you have some Mabel’s there too. Another one of those names that’s probably not getting much action these days in the baby names book!

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