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Hungry Horse September 13, 2012

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So, earlier this year, January 10th to be exact, I resolved to start keeping my animals in pens.

Funny thing is, that didn’t happen.

But I did try.

The horses were contained for a few weeks by an electric fence. Then they got word that I was serving half eaten apples on my windowsill and they busted out.

I’m not sure who told them.

Maybe the cats told them.

Or maybe the kids are to blame.

Hungry Horse

I don’t know why homes aren’t built with windowsills like this anymore. They remind me of the walk up window at the Tastee Freeze which my family has owned for generations. I remember as a child having full access to all of the delectable ice cream flavors, toppings and soda varieties imaginable, mixing them all into an insanely delicious concoction edible only to children under no supervision and having my cousin serve said delicacies to me through the walk up window. Then she’d charge me, but I’d have no money and be forced to work the window to pay my debts.

But I didn’t really mind.

I can see why they had these windowsills back in the olden days. They really are a lot of fun. You can serve your cats, your horses, your locked-out children.

summer 2012 082 - Copy

The locked-out children climb up on the windowsill, sweaty from a recent football/wrestling match that had to be taken outside.

Tap, tap, tap.


I can hear the tapping because the children have been locked out.


“Can we have a drink?”

“You got any money?”


“Well then you can have water. Water’s free.”

I love walk-up windows!


Baseball on the Ranch September 13, 2011

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My boys love playing baseball.

Especially if their Dad is willing to hit them a few after a long day’s work.

This summer, they couldn’t get enough of the pop flies.

Also sometimes referred to as “chicken pops” by my middle child. (And now, consequently, the entire family.) I will never again be able to call them pop flies.

They are now chicken pops.

And if you think about it. If you really sit back, real late at night, like when you are writing a blog post and trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense…

You may find that chicken pops actually is a more appropriate term considering the baseball player has the option to

1. Be brave and position himself under a hard ball that may or may not land in it’s intended location
2. Be chicken, in which case he will abandon all projected destinations of the ball.


Chicken pops.

What I love about baseball on the ranch…

The intense expression on my boys’ faces as they strive to catch the chicken pops.

And the complete disinterest of the horses nearby.


Horses in my front yard July 25, 2011

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One morning last week, I opened my front door…

to find our horses grazing in our yard.

Our dead yard.

That isn’t fenced.

I think they enjoy the company of the kittens, puppies, kids and chickens.

Just call me Elly May Clampett


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