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A Bed of Pansies October 31, 2012

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Yesterday I picked up some deeply discounted pansies to dress up my front porch.

I’m sure Junior will lie on them.

Junior is a completely useless cat.

He has few wants.

Few needs.

And contributes little more than carbon dioxide to the good of the world.

But we love him nonetheless.
This bed of pansies I’m sure will be too much for him to resist. Hopefully his carbon dioxide contribution will be enough to compensate for the pansies’ inability to respire when he lies atop them.

There’s always hope.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!


Catpot September 22, 2011

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Remember V and Bobcat sleeping in the balcony flower containers at the farm?

I remember posting the pictures, but I’m not sure if I explained that at one point in time, I actually did have some young flowering plants nestled in the soil of those containers. I had visions of beautiful cascading waves of color draping over the balcony. But instead of flowers, I had cat tails. Little by little the cats’ insistent cuddling became a bit suffocating to the tender seedlings and the plants were forced to go to the big flowerpot in the sky.

And I was left with nothing but dirt and the occasional cattail.

Why these cats enjoy laying in flower containers is beyond me.

Apparently though, it is hereditary, because two of the male kittens belonging to either V or Bobcat, have taken up residence in the flowerpot next to my entryway door at the ranch.

They truly are much more lively than my plants ever were.

And occasionally they will interact mildly with an unsuspecting visitor.

Just don’t ever wake them to feed them scraps. They turn into vicious man-eating hogjacks.

I don’t think hogjack is a real word.

Vicious and man-eating are both real words.

In case you were wondering.

But sometimes, I get in these moods where I think maybe I need my porch to be decorated in a manner that represents the season. In winter, I have the hearty Christmas evergreen, but with the first signs of warmth, I go searching for bulbs. Once the bulbs are exhausted, I trade them out with Geraniums for summer. But come September, I’m mad for mums and scarecrows.

The kittens are not so mad for mums. And they don’t care so much for scarecrows either.


On my windowsill September 16, 2011

Lately, my windowsills have been quite the popular hangout. Aside from my kids, here are a few of the animals hanging out on my windowsill.

1. Chickens

I got a new rooster.
He was given to my Papa’s friend, Ken, who before Fred The Rooster arrived, had exactly no chickens. Apparently, Ken was driving down the road with one hand on the wheel and the other around the rooster when he met my Papa coming in the opposite direction.

“Ken, what on earth are you doing driving around with a rooster?” Papa asked.

“Do you need one?” Ken countered.

“Well, I bet my granddaughter could use one,” Papa volunteered.

So now I have a rooster.

The rooster still doesn’t realize we have a chicken coop.

Fred immediately took a liking to the feathered females running loose in my yard. In fact, he’s been so preoccupied with them that he hasn’t even noticed we have a chicken coop on the premises. And being so tired by days end, he has since made himself at home on the front porch. Along with all 7 of my hens.

If you’ve ever owned chickens for any amount of time, you know that having them on your porch for even a minute is catastrophic. But when they go and roost on your porch for 10 hours, you may as well find another exit.

So every night we move him and all 7 hens to the chicken coop. Fred is so tired he doesn’t even realize he’s been relocated to his appropriate sleeping quarters. All he knows by morning is that he’s got a lot of work to do.

2. Kittens
One of my antique windows in the kitchen is somehow missing it’s screen. I’m not sure how this has happened, but I think it means I need a new RED window to replace it. Regardless, because of the missing screen, it is always adorned with kitten drool. The drool, of course, dries and leaves the window with a rather dirty appearance. Partly because it is dirty, but mostly because the kittens are relentless in their efforts.

And just between you, me and the fence post… I was the instigator of the kitten drool.

One morning, while clearing the table after a full breakfast of fried eggs, sausage and biscuits, I noticed one of the kittens sleeping peacefully on the windowsill. So before heading out to give the dogs their morning treats, I woke the adorable sleeping kitten to offer a few scraps. It really wasn’t much, just a little nibble of leftover egg.

And I have regretted it ever since and will probably continue to regret it ’till my dyin’ day.

From now on I will always let sleeping cats lie.

That little stinker told his brother, then his brother told his mother, and now every time I look out any given window in my house, there is a kitten with it’s wet nose pressed up against the glass begging me for food.

Now all of my windows have kitten slobber on them.

And I can’t even blame my kids for it.

3. Tree Frogs
Every evening, there is a tree frog on my dining room window sill. And every evening, we watch him for a bit and try to see if we can catch his tongue in action.

We assume it is a male since he is alone. We reason that females are probably not alone. I’m not sure why we reason this. There is no scientific evidence to support this hypothesis. It just is. Earlier this week, our suspicions were confirmed when we noticed two tree frogs dining on the bugs outside our dining room window. The male frog had obviously brought a date.

Apparently, though, it didn’t work out. We haven’t seen the female since.


More Kitties May 3, 2011

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Bobcat is skinny again.

Skinny and happy.

It all happened this past weekend. My little tow headed boy informed me Bobcat had a kitten.

“One?”, I asked.

“Yep!”, he exclaimed.

Judging from Bobcat’s belly the day before, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she would have had 20 kittens. But her only having one surprised me.

So I set out in search of kittens.

I found two.

Then I got a little worried thinking maybe a coon had snatched up the other 17 kittens.

So I decided to check on V’s litter. To my relief, they were all present and accounted for… and then some.

Apparently, V’s been doing some cat-knapping.

I returned the day old kittens to their rightful mother and went on about my day.

When I went back to check the kittens, not only were Bobcat’s kittens with V, but some of V’s kittens were nursing Bobcat.

So once again, I separated them. And again, they swapped kittens. I explained to them the possible ramifications of cat-swapping and that if they were going to proceed with this, then I would have no part in it.

I don’t want to get in the middle of any cat fights.


V April 19, 2011

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Most of the animals on our farm and ranch that have a name are bestowed that name by one of my boys.

V and Bobcat are no exception.

V is the calico.

Bobcat is the grey tabby cat.

They are both females. Sisters actually. They had a sister named Dirt Runner, but we aren’t sure what happened to her. Their mother was given to us by a friend and at the time, Dirt Runner, V and Bobcat were only a few days old. Once the kittens were weaned, their mother left and somehow found her way back to the friend’s home some 10 miles away. Barefoot and pregnant.

The kittens she left us seemed to adjust well without her. They are cuddly and sweet, but they are also good mousers. Their mother taught them well.

I noticed the sisters looking a bit plump about two weeks ago. Kinda pear-shaped. At first I thought I was just over-feeding them. After all, I keep a continuous supply of dry food out.

Then I realized they were pregnant.

I haven’t even seen a tom around. These things just happen.

Then yesterday, V was huffing around the house and acting real cranky.

That’s kinda how I felt just before labor. And I only had one at a time.

She had 6.


Kitties in my planter March 16, 2011

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When I moved into the apartment above the dairy barn, I decided to add a few planters to the edge of the balcony. I researched and shopped around for the ideal plants, careful to chose the right ones.

I looked into cascading plants, tall plants, different textures and colorful annuals before deciding what variety I liked best. I further narrowed my selection based on drought tolerance as I realize that realistically, I’m not very consistent at watering my container plantings.

Ultimately, I settled on the plants that would be most comfortable growing in the confinement of the shallow planter.

I’d envisioned beautiful, abundant cascading flowers dangling off the side of the balcony, full of life and vigor. It would make my dairy barn apartment feel welcoming. Like home.

A bit like this picture from

What I didn’t consider is how comfortable the planters are for my kitties.

Apparently, these planters are ideal for watching the sunrise.

And napping.

And lounging.

And the best part of all….
They are perfectly situated just out of the dog’s reach, making it all the more appealing.

While the kitties are not what I had planned for the planters, they ended up fitting the part of life and vigor to a tee. Maybe not so much cascading. And come to think of it, not always vigor. But welcoming all the same.


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