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Fishing with a Blue Tick Pup September 14, 2011

This pond has been the major source of entertainment for my boys throughtout the entire summer. As you can see, they always come prepared.

Poles… check
Worms… check
Tacklebox… check
Coonhound pup… check

Giant Net… check

Beautiful day to daydream… double check


A Guest for Breakfast June 16, 2011

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A few days ago, while looking for night crawlers, my middle child stumbled upon a middle-aged box turtle. And of course, he wanted to keep it. Being the good mom that I am, I said, “No.”

He whined and begged and pleaded.

I responded, “Absolutely not.”

Don’t get the wrong idea. I love turtles. I truly do. I think they are wonderful creatures.

You see, my middle child already has 3 very small red-eared sliders in a bucket in his room. The line had to be drawn somewhere.

Plus, on the numerous occasions that I have tried to cage a wild turtle and cater to its needs, I have failed. Mainly in the food department. And for fear of starving them to death, I let them go.

So my 6-year-old reluctantly let the passing turtle go on its way.

This morning, when I was on my morning jog, I saw the same little box turtle making his way down the drive toward the house.

Being the good mom that I am, I told my middle child that his turtle had come for breakfast.

So he generously served him one of the night crawlers he had in his bait bucket.

The turtle graciously gobbled it right up.

Not wanting to use up all his bait on a passing turtle, or send our guest on his way with a half empty stomach, he went digging through the fridge for some tasty fruit.

Hence the cherry.

Then he was gone. Leaving us nothing but a pool of cherry juice and a pit.


Birds May 8, 2011

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There was a hummingbird IN my house this weekend.

The ranch house is nestled so far back in the countryside that on nice spring days we tend to leave the exterior doors wide open so we may run in and out as much as we please without the hassle of turning a knob. When you work all day long, it’s really the little conveniences in life that make it SO much more enjoyable. Not that I work all day long, but if I did, I doubt I would feel like opening the door.

Apparently the hummingbirds were of the same mindset, because one decided to march right on in and help herself in the kitchen. I’m starting to get the feeling that she was staked out in front of the house for more than just a measly sugar fix last week.

Now I find myself telling the kids…



There is an egg missing from the killdeer nest. I’m not sure if I should be worried, angry or concerned.

Worried that something terrible happened to the 4th egg. Angry that I missed the birth of the first born. Concerned as to why it is that I have the time to check up on this little nest, yet have no time to watch the popular sitcoms and reality shows.


The ranch is home to some of THE most beautiful birds.

And the best part?

I don’t even have to feed them to entice them to visit… except of course for the hummingbirds. Who have started to overstep some boundaries.

I think I am becoming a bird watcher.


Wildlife sightings May 2, 2011

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On the way into town today, we saw lots of wildlife, as usual.

– 7 turkeys
– 6 deer
– 1 coyote
– 1 donkey

Yes, I said donkey. Obviously someone was out donkey dumping and dumped Eeyore off on my road.

Normally this probably wouldn’t cause much of a ruckus, but when you have three little cowboys stuck way out in the middle of nowhere, a domesticated four-legged creature that runs neither toward you or away from you has transportation written all over it.

And Donkey was no exception. If Donkey is still on our road this afternoon, which I figure is about how long it will take him to travel the remainder of our gravel roadway, he will probably be claimed by one of my poor two-legged children.


Stonefish April 13, 2011

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When it comes to dinner, I’m usually the type to fly by the seat of my pants and throw something together according to my hormones, the phase of the moon, time constraints and the state of my taste buds.

Having not thawed anything for dinner, I adorned my men with spinners, worms and bobbers and sent them to the nearest waterway to catch it.

I also may have barked something about not coming back unless they had a fish.

Maybe I should have been more specific.

Being that I still had to feed my family fairly quick, I dug around in the freezer until I unearthed a bag of shrimp. It would have to do considering the fish my men delivered was inedible. Flakey, yes, but not at all like its edible counterpart.


Daisy and the Duck April 11, 2011

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When I think of coonhounds, I think of Where The Red Fern Grows. I think of Old Dan and Little Ann treeing their first coon and Billy working his young hands to the bone sawing The Big Tree at the base in an effort to catch the sneaky coon.

When I think of coonhounds, I also think of Daisy.

The Daisy that buries my Christmas decorations.

The Daisy who chews on bones and milk jugs.

The Daisy who plays with my chickens.

And chases ducks in the lagoon.

For some reason, this lone duck did not take flight when Daisy entered the water. Whether the duck was injured or enjoying the sheer torture she was causing young Daisy is unclear.

But this game of cat and mouse continued for quite some time.

Daisy spotting the duck.

Then paddling toward it.

Only to let out a yelp of frustration as the duck dives under water a few feet away from Daisy’s nose.

The duck popping up in an unexpected location.

Daisy turning to find the duck and working furiously to close the gap between them.

Only to let out a yelp of frustration as the duck dives under water inches away from Daisy’s nose.

Eventually, Daisy was outsmarted, outmaneuvered, defeated, blown out of the water and simply outclassed by a webbed footed buoyant duck.


There’s a Snake in my Pond! March 17, 2011

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At least it’s not in my boot.

So before I tell you that part of the story, I first must tell you this part.

Today we went to the ranch without sunscreen. And up until today, it hasn’t been a problem. And it probably wouldn’t have been a problem had we not decided to spend the first 80 degree day in the sun, swimming in the creek and fishing in the pond, without sunscreen.

My little dark complected, dark-haired boy was unphased by the amount of sun exposure. Fishing topless without a care in the world.

My oldest and somewhat medium complected child got a touch of red, but notice he kept his shirt on.

My little fair complected, tow-headed child got the worst of it.

Let me just say that starting now and for the next 6 months, I will be packing my truck, purse and pockets with sunscreen.

And bug spray.

And lots of snake repellent.

You see, instead of reeling in any fish, we reeled in a snake.

For a moment, I was whiter than my youngest born.

Then I proceeded to grab up each and every one of my multi-tonal offspring and run for the farm.

After I bravely took this mug shot of the snake of course.

If you see him, please take him to the nearest containment center. Preferably one far, far, far away from my pond. Somewhere outside my zip code. Completely out of the county and if at all possible, out of the state.


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