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Free Range Eggs July 1, 2011

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Shell color aside, I can always tell a free-range egg from a battery cage egg simply by cracking it open and looking at the yolk.

Can you figure out which eggs are free-range and which are battery-cage?

The battery cage hens only receive grain and are never allowed to access outdoor pasture, thus producing a pale yellow yolk.

Alternatively, the dark orange yolk comes from my free-range hens and is a true reflection of their out-of-doors lifestyle. They eat anything they want on the ranch. Including but not limited to:

1. Donuts
2. Grasshoppers
3. Ticks
4. Moths
5. Rejected cereal
6. Leftover fruit
7. Stale bread
8. Worms
9. Impatiens
10. Grass

And I love that in a round about way, we are eating everything that we buy. Including the crumbs at the bottom of the Ruffles bag and the generic Cookie Crisp cereal that was reject by my children.

And FYI: Free-range eggs have been proven to have significantly less cholesterol, less fat, more vitamin A, more vitamin E, more vitamin B12, more omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat) and more beta carotene. Google it, you’ll be surprised at the difference.


Scrambled Eggs with Wild Onions March 21, 2011

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My favorite thing about the arrival of spring is the beginnings of life not only in my garden…


But also in my pecan grove, aka, my wild garden.

Look closely.

It’s not just grass, weeds and flowers.

It’s also chock full of wild onions.

Daisy loves them just as much as I do.

I stumbled upon this patch of wild onions completely by accident.

It was mid-spring of our first year on the farm and I decided it was time to groom the patch of vegetation down the lane. So I hopped on the mower and powered up the blades. Within a few short minutes of mowing… I found myself weeping.

It was a mixture of tears brought on by an overwhelming aroma of chopped onions and sheer joy. I couldn’t believe that a food item emerged voluntarily on my land.

Would have been nice if It’d emerged in my garden. Or better yet in the planter right outside of my front door. But I’m happy all the same. And the fact that they return year after year, is enough to convince me that they are happy too. And it’s always good to eat happy food.

I think.

Since my chives haven’t fully returned from their long winter’s nap, the wild onions are a perfect substitute.

And the best part of all? They’re free!

My absolute most favorite way to eat them is with scrambled eggs. It’s just not spring until I’ve had my Scrambled Eggs with Wild Onions.

First, crack your eggs in a bowl, like this.

Give them a whirl.

Pour em in a pan with a little butter.

Add the wild onions.

Then plate them up with some toast and fresh fruit!

As the mushrooms get here, I will have myself a bona-fide breakfast omelet.

If only I could get my little cowboys to appreciate the fresh spring flavor…


A Random Chicken Nest March 14, 2011

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Today I was in the dairy barn looking for the feed scoop when I happened upon an undiscovered nest of eggs in a feed bin. One of the many problems with letting my chickens have free range of the entire farm.

It’s not that they don’t have plenty of nest boxes.

I think they are just being lazy. They go to the dairy barn for bits of corn and don’t want to walk all the way back to the chicken house to lay, so they just run around willy-nilly laying eggs wherever they fancy. Which wouldn’t be a problem if they would tell me.

Most of the hens comply and lay in the nest boxes I’ve provided, but there are still a few rebels who refuse to cooperate.

And while we’re on the subject of laying…

who’s laying the puny eggs?

Was it you?


How about you?

Ugh, nevermind.


Cleaning Out The Hen House February 14, 2011

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When the 2011 blizzard hit my small Oklahoma town, it wiped out the entire egg section at Wal-Mart for nearly two weeks. When they finally got the egg back in the store, the entire town was so excited that they threw a huge celebration in honor of it’s arrival. It’s was quite the spectacle.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the chickens were cooped up in their warm, comfy coop, with nothing better to do than lay eggs.

And poop. See that funny looking ladder type thing made from tree branches? That’s my homemade roost. Not bad, huh? Where there is a roost, there is poo.

With so many chickens in such a small space for so many days, it’s inevitable… the chicken house was a downright mess. My house didn’t look much better. In fact, I think the chicken house was cleaner.

Rather than clean them both, I decided that I would just move. So I packed up my things, hopped in the truck and motored out to the ranch house to check on the progress of the remodel only to find that the county road was no longer a dirt road. It was a mud pit… I mean road. And the house? Well, it still didn’t have any appliances. Or cabinets. Or sinks. Or lights.

So I resigned to clean both my house and the chicken’s house. I think the hens are grateful.

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