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Post Farm Auction June 1, 2011

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We had a pretty good turnout for our auction considering it was on a holiday weekend. I fed well over 100 people and rehydrated countless others. The concession was set up under our large white tent alongside the registration booth.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to feed an unknown number of people throughout the course of a day, I highly recommend preparing a couple of briskets beforehand, shredding it and placing it in a large electric roaster oven set on warm with a side of Sweet Baby Ray’s squeezable BBQ sauce and a few sliced onions. Super easy and super delicious. We also served up some grilled hot dogs for variety as well as some coffee and donuts for breakfast.

Knowing how many donuts my own donut-deprived children could consume in one sitting, I over estimated the donut count and ended up with a couple or three dozen too many donuts on this particular morning.

And ended up paying people to take donuts off of my hands.

As well as sharing a few with my chickens.

Who have never had donuts.

And likely never will again.


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