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The Ones That Got Away October 12, 2011

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Because it was such a beautiful evening and I had no other source of outdoor entertainment, I decided to tag along with the boys on their fishing/hunting trip. The two youngest were on a fishing expedition and my oldest was leading the way with a pellet gun, just in case a squirrel happened by.

We ended up at the fishing dock which is actually an enormous rock naturally protruding into the creek.

Being that the little cowboys were on a hunting/fishing excursion, their attire was a little confusing. Please understand that I had no control over this issue.

Fortunately, the fish were biting anyhow.

My youngest caught a few keepers right away.

His big brothers helped him take them off the hook and put them on the stringer each time. Some of the fish would wiggle out of their little hands and flop around on the rock, but eventually one of the boys would take hold of it, give it a nice little lecture and carefully place it on the stringer.

Then my little towhead hooked a biggin’.

Thankfully, his brothers were there to help him bring it in.

It was this big.

It really wore him out.

Plum out.

That’s about the time the big brothers realized the keepers took off with the stringer they’d secured between two rocks. Meaning, they had no place to put the biggin’.

After some debate as to who rigged up the stringer in the first place and whether to keep the biggin’ on a vine or branch, they settled on using the tackle bucket as a makeshift livewell.

So they cleaned it out, filled it with water, dropped the biggin’ in and went on about their fishin.

Unfortunately, it was getting a bit dark out and being that I’d left my cell phone at the house and we didn’t have any flashlights or flares, I decided it was time to pack up and head back to the house.

Halfway down the trail, I heard a cell phone ringing.

Then I noticed my 6-year-old set down his bucket, fish and fishing pole, reach into his pocket and flip open his cell phone.

“Hello?… Oh we went fishin’! Yeah, she’s with us. Boy, we caught a biggin’…

…yep, only one, the others got away.”


A Fishing Date October 5, 2011

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This evening, my husband and I found ourselves alone, without any of the boys. It was a rare occurrence.

After being on the dozer all day, I was certain he’d want to kick back, relax and watch a movie while I fixed T-bone steaks and creamy mashed potatoes for dinner.

Instead he asked if I wanted to go fishing.

“Fishing?” I asked.

It took me a little off guard. I was already washing the soil off the new potatoes I’d stashed in the cellar during the hot summer months. I had been admiring how surprisingly preserved the potatoes were and wondering how much longer our supply would last.

Plus I was hungry.

But we hadn’t been fishing in quite some time. At least not without a bunch of line-tanglers tagging along.

“Sure,” I replied. “I’d love to.”

So we took off down the newly cleared trail, passing a turtle and a grass snake along the way.

Neither of us were in the mood to clean any fish. This was a catch and release fishing date.

My husband caught a few nice bass near the riffles at the creek.

I didn’t get their picture.

But I did whip out the camera to get a picture of this little cutie.

While my husband worked his way up the creek, I found myself admiring the scenery…. the rocks, the trees, the trickling of the water, and the native plants.

Some plants I’d seen before.

Some I hadn’t.

This one was new to me.

I always wondered what the Indian’s used for drinking and blowing spitballs.


Fishing with a Blue Tick Pup September 14, 2011

This pond has been the major source of entertainment for my boys throughtout the entire summer. As you can see, they always come prepared.

Poles… check
Worms… check
Tacklebox… check
Coonhound pup… check

Giant Net… check

Beautiful day to daydream… double check


Fishing with a 4-year-old June 15, 2011

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Fishing has been a big part of our summer so far. And so far, we still haven’t tried every pond on the ranch. But out of the ponds we have fished, we’ve managed to catch something out of each one. Perch, bass, catfish and crappie.

Even my 4-year-old can catch them. He’s been fishing since before he could walk. He can cast his own line and reel in his own fish.

How does he do it?


and strong muscles.


Stonefish April 13, 2011

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When it comes to dinner, I’m usually the type to fly by the seat of my pants and throw something together according to my hormones, the phase of the moon, time constraints and the state of my taste buds.

Having not thawed anything for dinner, I adorned my men with spinners, worms and bobbers and sent them to the nearest waterway to catch it.

I also may have barked something about not coming back unless they had a fish.

Maybe I should have been more specific.

Being that I still had to feed my family fairly quick, I dug around in the freezer until I unearthed a bag of shrimp. It would have to do considering the fish my men delivered was inedible. Flakey, yes, but not at all like its edible counterpart.


There’s a Snake in my Pond! March 17, 2011

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At least it’s not in my boot.

So before I tell you that part of the story, I first must tell you this part.

Today we went to the ranch without sunscreen. And up until today, it hasn’t been a problem. And it probably wouldn’t have been a problem had we not decided to spend the first 80 degree day in the sun, swimming in the creek and fishing in the pond, without sunscreen.

My little dark complected, dark-haired boy was unphased by the amount of sun exposure. Fishing topless without a care in the world.

My oldest and somewhat medium complected child got a touch of red, but notice he kept his shirt on.

My little fair complected, tow-headed child got the worst of it.

Let me just say that starting now and for the next 6 months, I will be packing my truck, purse and pockets with sunscreen.

And bug spray.

And lots of snake repellent.

You see, instead of reeling in any fish, we reeled in a snake.

For a moment, I was whiter than my youngest born.

Then I proceeded to grab up each and every one of my multi-tonal offspring and run for the farm.

After I bravely took this mug shot of the snake of course.

If you see him, please take him to the nearest containment center. Preferably one far, far, far away from my pond. Somewhere outside my zip code. Completely out of the county and if at all possible, out of the state.


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