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Hunting a Bobcat March 23, 2011

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The ranch is full of wildlife. Deer, turkey, game birds, squirrels….

But despite the abundant wildlife, my husband rarely makes time to hunt. And if he does take time to hunt, it goes straight to the dinner table.

Well, maybe not so much straight.

But eventually.

It’s all part of the adventure.

Nothing tastes better to my three little hunters than a meal that has been harvested from the great outdoors. On occasion, when my children refuse to stop playing long enough to eat a well-balanced meal, I will tell them that I’m making bobcat for supper, even if it’s chicken… or beef.

They will clean their plates every time.


This morning, my littlest hunter overheard my husband telling me about the bobcat seen out at the ranch, not far from the house. Moments later, I found myself in the woods with the brave blonde, hunting bobcat…

with a loaded Red Ryder BB gun.

He was so adorable that I could hardly concentrate on the task at hand.


“Yes sweety?”

“Be puiet. Don’t step on any sticks. Alwight?”

“Ok, honey.”

He’s so cute.

I couldn’t help but notice all the butterflies hovering around.
Most of them wouldn’t hold still long enough for a picture.


“Yes sweety?”

“Are you toming? Stop taking pictures, mom. You’re being too woud.”

“Tome on.”

When we finally made it down to the creek bank we looked all over for signs of bobcat.

But all we found was this tiny frog.

At least my little hunter didn’t go home empty-handed.


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