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Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees September 8, 2011

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We recently took a break from the 100+ Oklahoma heat and headed west toward mild mountain air with three little cowboys in tow. Along with the chilluns, I packed lots of DVD’s, books, and sedatives.

Just kidding about the sedatives.

But I truly did pack books and DVD’s for the kids. For obvious reasons.

I also stashed a few cookbooks under my seat.

And some ear plugs.

Not really.

Although now that I think of it, ear plugs would have been handy to have on hand. I’ll have to remember them next time I agree to a 12 hour road trip with young, active outdoorsmen.

…who not only believe I am a natural-born entertainer, but also think I have a money tree stashed somewhere on the ranch.

Once in the mountains and more importantly, the cool temperatures, we decided to set up camp and pull out the fishing poles to catch some trout.

This year, we decide to pay to take them fishing in some nice private ponds where they were actually more likely to catch fish.

And they did.

In fact, they got their limit the very first day.

And even hooked a GOLDEN trout!

“Can we fish in the Guaranteed Catch pond?” They ask.

“No,” we reply. “We already paid for you to fish in the other 10 ponds. So we don’t need to pay to fish in the Guaranteed Catch pond. Money doesn’t grow on trees ya know.”

And they were fine with that. Until they saw the arcade.

We agreed to supply $5 each for the day to play the quarter games.

“Can we have five more dollars to spend at the arcade today?” They ask.

“No,” we reply. “Five dollars each was your limit for the day. Money doesn’t grow on trees ya know.”

And they were fine with that.

Then they noticed the paddle boats. And that’s where the line was drawn. It was time to show these youngsters how to have some cheap fun.

So we showed them a game that provided the same amount of entertainment, would get them across the river, AND it was FREE.

The object? See who was brave enough to cross the freezing cold river without screaming like a girl.

We also decided to take a FREE hike way up the mountain – off the trail, of course. (But only because my husband was present. Otherwise, we might not have found our way back.)

…to take in the beauty of nature. And teach our boys to open their eyes to the natural beauty.

To see a view worth viewing. And prove that you can have fun without spending money.

Cause it doesn’t grow on trees.

After what seemed like many hours and ended up only being a little over one, we reach a clearing and decide to have a moment of rest and relaxation. So we sat there. In the peace. And quiet. Enjoying the spectacular mountain view.

When my oldest son yells, “Look! It’s a dollar!”

There. In the middle of nowhere. Was a dollar folded in half lengthwise and tied neatly to the tip of a young tree.

My other two children begin frantically searching for other such money trees. And found yet another.

“LOOK!! Another one!!” My middle child exclaims.

This is the moment when my husband and I begin to pray, “Please Lord, let there be at least ONE more dollar.”

But there wasn’t. And our pockets? Well, they were emptied back at the arcade. Which, by the way, is exactly where the two found dollars were spent.


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